Western Explanations for the esoteric phenomena

The intention here is to explain the useful esoteric phenomena that was either lacking required explanations or was over-whelmed with overflowing misleading information.

I'm neither for nor against any propoganda. Neither up-talking nor degrading any source of information. Everything is good and bad in their own way and I'll try my best to just stick to the facts.

The nature of this subject is that, it might send false signals as we kindle what is mostly considered superstitious. These so called superstitions were often meaningful things said differently in different times for a different kind of society. My effort here is to dig up the right reasons, validate it across independent sources and if possible, present with scientific reasoning.

I don't claim to have invented any of the details furnished in this website. If at all any, i've heard (agamam), understood (anumanam) and experienced (prathyakshanam) some of these phenomena and paying it forward.

"E-hi Passiko" - Buddha